The YouTube video I created for the Digital Writing unit pushed my writing skills, as I had to write a script that was both informational yet interesting. Then, to use YouTube as a medium, I had to gather photos to more accurately display the culture and views Myanmar and edit them together to form a video with a voiceover. While editing the video and recording the voiceover, I had to keep the situation in mind which was to target college students to want to visit Myanmar and to have them familiarize themselves with the country before they plan their trip there.

Both Adriana and her friend submitted photos and the person that was sponsoring the contest told Adriana to come for a tryout. In 1996 at the young age of 15, Adriana had a first place finish in a contest called Ford’s Supermodel of Brazil search. She followed that success with a finish in second place in Ford’s Supermodel of the World search..

This matters because no one is going to be motivated to perform basic tasks, let alone run through fire for you, if they don’t feel valued.To quote Teddy Roosevelt, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”What do you wish you’d learned early in your career?Ask (nicely) and you shall receive provided you’ve done your work. When you have a vision, demonstrate care and live the right values, people will support you. But you have to ask.Whether it’s asking for a recommendation, making your case for a promotion or pitching a potential investor: Request support especially if you’re feeling reticent.

It been a weekly, if not daily, occurrence in Scheer ranks: MP Shannon Stubbs questioned a judge qualifications because he represented Omar Khadr. Ontario MP Larry Miller withdrew a social media posting promoting the fake news that Muslims support pedophilia. Social media is bringing out the worst in federal Conservatives or maybe just exposing it..

All the big companies go there, all the big brands, Nike, Sony, Panasonic, you name it, you can find it there and it is made in a Chinese factory somewhere.We checked when the next fair was on, oh no, two weeks time, we only heard about the fair that morning and by the afternoon we had booked three airfares to China. There began our adventure, from visas to hotel bookings, nothing was easy, English just isn spoken freely in China and everything was a master task, just getting from the airport to the hotel took us 4 hours and it was only a 15 minute drive. That why we decided to document our trip and iron out all the wrinkles for others that would like to make the trip.