The blockchain speed (and transactions per second) is something we communicate on a daily basis, anytime this comes up. It was communicated in the recent update and in many other conversations. We at 120 tx/s for a while now and we can scale, but don need to at the moment so the team is working on other stuff..

An Associated Press reporter at the scene of the crash saw the bodies, including those of women and children. Parts of the plane were scattered in a bushy area on banks of the Nile with a few homes nearby. Packages of cheap sandals, cigarettes, beer and crackers were strewn amid the wreckage.

SAGAL: All right then, here are the three potential discoveries. From Alonzo Bodden, the fact that the statue of Michael Jordan here in Chicago does not really have a Nike swoosh, it just got painted on by Nike. From Roy Blount Jr., the discovery, deciphering and playing of, quote, the “Butt Music from Hell” found in an old painting.

I was 23 when i made aliya with degree in social work from UWM. Prior to aliya i visited every chance i had and participated in various programs so my heb was minimal but i had an idea of structure of language but most of all: I HAD DETERMINATION LIKE A CRAZY PERSON meaning: i did ulpan for 5months and immediatly after WENT INTO A FIGHTING UNIT:):)oh ye i should state:I M A GIRL:) i became an officer(im now a captain) and none of my service had to do with my schooling degree that was my choice cause i had so much more to give to the army than just what i learned. Ulpan is great your Hebrew will be fine in 3 months..

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