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Murray himself makes it sound like his preparation is a breeze. What does he do in Miami? do some 400m repetition running for endurance on the court, I be in the gym lifting weights, or I be putting in a lot of core stability to work to improve my balance, he says. But of course, as with all training, the devil is in the detail..

Other handy multifunctional key chains to consider include whistles, calculators, coin holders and digital picture frames. Promotional key chains like these will help imprint the name of your business on the minds of the receivers. The more often they are used, the more likely the user will be to remember you and your service(s).

Overheated and overinflated, hot Jupiters are some of the strangest extrasolar planets to be discovered by the Kepler mission and they may be even more exotic than anyone ever thought. A new model proposed by Florida Gulf Coast University astronomer Dr. Derek Buzasisuggests that these worlds are intensely affected by electric currents that link them to their host stars.

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Both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes contain starch, some of which is resistant starch. That’s one of the reasons why they’re considered “slow burning” they make you feel full for hours because it takes your body longer to process them. That provides energy and satiation a satisfied, full feeling that is especially important if you’re trying to eat less..

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long, but we’re just about three months shy of when Groupon co founder Andrew Mason was ousted from the CEO role at the company. Lefkofsky, who was previously executive chairman stepped in alongside Vice Chairman Ted Leonsis as Groupon looked for Mason’s replacement. Eventually, the company just named Lefkofsky its permanent CEO, and it seems like that’s working out pretty well.