After the three sketch visuals which I had created, I decided to take a photograph of an object which you could find in everyday life, I chose a pile of folded fabric and I wanted to see how I could design a space within this photograph. I decided to use the initial idea of a Hotel reception as this would allow me to use similar signage and objects as I have done in the first sketch visual above. I found this to be much more effective because the everyday objects created moresections which I could then turn into separate rooms/spaces.

Les grandes mafias, dans les zones comme l’Europe de l’est, l’Europe balkanique, ou en Asie, utilisent rgulirement les paris sportifs pour blanchir leur argent sale. Ces rseaux criminels produisent de grandes sommes montaires. A ces mthodes criminelles, on peut rajouter l des matchs truqus notamment dans le football.

“I am a football person and the Championship is one of the best leagues to watch in the world, so I’ve been watching it for a while. I was under no illusions I was going to walk into a job at the top end of the Premier League and say ‘here I am’. I was very prepared to take on what might be, hence why I’m so flattered a club the size of Derby County have put their trust in me so I can only try to repay that with hard work and doing the job.”.

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I had some friends who were total bartards and thats “normal” to find them like that. Its scary the first few times but after a while its just what they do. If we called 911 every time we saw our friends like that we would probably get cited for wasting the EMT and Police time because they be over 100 times..

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