We written quite a bit about SOPA here at ExtremeTech and I made my own opinion clear: It a terribly written law. It also got nothing to do with the DoJ execution of this indictment. The decision in question was handed down on January 5. Eventually, I was forced to come out to the world when I got drunk and publicly kissed a girl on her cheek. I was immediately swarmed with questions about my identity by hateful and disgusted psychiatrists. When I admitted in private, with a therapist that I was bi, I was reported to my superiors, and I was discharged from the military..

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And whenever the president in the Rose Garden or any other officials talk about this, they say, you know, it’s a very good development, but they also add there will be some tough days ahead. We still need the patience of the American people, which according to polls had already becoming was already becoming pretty thin. Military is really crushing the opposition in Iraq, and has been doing so this whole time, which is a pretty strong statement given some of the images that Americans see.

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Yeah imagine that. I recently visited a family in a village, very poor family, 14 years old son dropped out of school at the age of 10 to support his family. Dad is paralyzed, mom taking care of her 2 baby twins. Former first lady Margarita Zavala (she is married to ex president Felipe Caldern, who preceded Pea Nieto) is the leading contender for the nomination of the PAN, Mexico’s conservative party, and seems to be Lpez Obrador’s ideological opposite in all but one issue: fierce opposition to Trump. I spoke with Zavala at her home in a quiet neighborhood in southern Mexico City, just a few blocks from the school where she has taught 12thgrade for the past couple of decades. Zavala, a 49 year old, quick witted former congresswoman who can seem hesitant during interviews, spoke forcefully against Trump.