“I just pray that justice is served. I pray that losing her life is not in vain. I pray that this does bring our community closer together,” Thompson said. The sophomore appears capable of providing the requisite shooting needed to space the floor after struggling from the foul line during his freshman season. At this point, Bridges is a career 37.9 percent 3 point shooter on 285 attempts. He hoists more than seven 3s per 40 minutes and is shooting an impressive 88.8 percent from the foul line.

Instead I’d guess at least 8 of his goals came from space typically occupied by a striker and most of the rest were thundercunts hit on the volley or half volley because he honestly wasn’t the greatest winger and couldn’t create that much with the ball at his feet which is why he didn’t produce much except when he moved more central. I loved the guy and still do, but to say he was sick is an absolute overstatement. He scored when he abandoned shape, and when he maintained shape and stayed out on the wing he was more or less ineffective.

Buy at NightMake shoe purchases in the evening when your feet are at their largest. You want a half inch of space in front of your longest toe and to be able to easily wiggle all of your toes. Slip the shoes off and compare them with your bare feet.

Undercover SmokerI have tried giving up smoking several times in my life. When I was nineteen I had a boyfriend, Ben who did not smoke and did not like me smoking. I said I’d given up while in the mean time always had a cigarette or a but hidden in the long metal cover of a short eyebrow pencil in my make up bag.

The ad features the world’s top bike riders, including world No. 2 AC Farias and Mattie Griffin, who is among the Top 5 in the world. The bikers are from all over the world, including Ireland, Brazil, Spain and South Africa. Just throwing this out there because it comes to mind: my grandma is a horrible alcoholic and lives in an assisted living facility in part because of the long term impact of her life long alcoholism. We had to move to her to a higher level of care because of a two year span during which she relapsed and went into the hospital 6 times, drinking herself into seizures and two brief comas. She really, really has a problem with alcohol..

Industrialist Arun Krishnan who has run two major marathons (Chicago and Berlin) and is gearing up for three others (London, New York and Boston) says, “Running is the best stress buster ever. Initially one wakes up with great reluctance and trudges grudgingly to the venue. But after the first few strides, the feeling is one of sheer exhilaration.