Eventually the equalizer came in the second half off a thundering header from a corner kick. Chances came thick and fast as the game opened up, with the game having a physical edge to it and the referee not having his best outing. The hosts nearly stole all three points when a half chance fell to a Tormenta attacker inside the box but his shot crashed against the crossbar and away from danger.

THE PALACE OF VERSAILLESOn the outskirts of southwest Paris stands the great Palace of Versailles, one of the most powerful expressions of regal indulgence and excess to be found anywhere on Earth. It was the ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV who decreed that the palace should be built a place of splendour and glorification of himself. Built during the final decades of the 17th century and the early decades of the 18th, Versailles was to be his private home, as well as the court and administrative centre for all of France..

I also don’t like running on cinder rock it really, really hurts when you fall down and it stays red in your knees or hands when you fall on it. You might say then don’t fall! Ha why didn’t I think of that!! Well, I did and still I fell anyway. I also don’t like duck and goose crap as a matter of fact, it really turns me off.

There are blue and black suits, some with racing stripes, some with stitched V ridges, some with zippers. Some completely covering the swimmer except for the hands, head and feet, others leaving the legs and arms exposed.It also flies in the face of tradition that says the less you wear and that includes body hair the faster you swim.Yet the body suit, made out of a polyester spandex blend intending to simulate shark skin, is here to stay.Unpublished studies by the major swimming apparel manufacturers claim the suits reduce resistance three percent better than shaving. Some swimmers believe the only thing a suit provides is a mental edge, which still could help one’s speed in the water.When NBC televises swimming in Sydney, chances are everyone will be wearing one.

At 16 years, four months, and 23 days old, he made his first team debut when he came on in the 75th minute during a friendly against Jos Mourinho Porto on 16 November 2003. His performance, creating two chances and a shot on goal, impressed the technical staff, and he subsequently began training daily with the club reserve side, B, as well as weekly with the first team. After his first training session with the senior squad, Bara new star player, Ronaldinho, told his teammates that he believed the 16 year old would become an even better player than himself.