Though, in America, vintage bicycles are traditionally restored (usually over restored), true enthusiasts in this country much prefer original paint. I suppose that, while Americans drove flashy new chrome laden gigantic automobiles, we drove beaten up little second hand Austin Sevens. That vintage tradition seems to have survived.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA Montreal taxi driver who is defending his right to decorate his cab with religious objects, a Canadian flag and photos will hear a judge’s ruling Tuesday.Arieh Perecowicz says the items, including a Remembrance Day poppy and small Jewish prayer scrolls should be allowed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.He’s asked the city’s municipal court to cancel $1,400 in fines, and award him damages of $5,000.Montreal’s taxi bureau says Perecowicz isn’t the victim of discrimination, but did break a bylaw.Section 98 of the city’s taxi regulations says drivers may not have any objects in the car that aren’t related to driving their cab.Quebec: What would happen to the French language without Bill 101?Conservative MP Maxime Bernier shown here on Parliament Hill in October 2010. The outspoken MP says Quebec doesn’t need Bill 101. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press) By CBC NewsMaxime Bernier’s musings on Quebec’s landmark language law show the Tory MP is out.

To that end, Mary Wilson, the local economic development officer, is eager to show off a new subdivision sprouting up on the prairie north of town, near the hospital, which she says could serve as starter homes for nurses and other professionals there. The developer saw the need and decided to come in and build four new duplexes on his own. Even this project is way behind schedule, because of the labor shortage..

Chocolate has been proven to aid in relieving symptoms of periods such as cramps, headaches and grumpy angry moods due to certain magical properties in cocoa. While this is an effective form ofdrugfood to use in helping her (its kinda like catnip, good in small amounts but dangerous to you and your whole house in large amounts) cope with her period, large quantities can cause your loved one to begin questioning your motives (yes, your motives, it might go along the lines of trying to fatten her up so you can dump her). She may feel overly happy but suddenly realize that she is eating waaaaaaay too much chocolate than her waistline can handle and that when your little perfect cuddling time is over and not even Notebook or Walk to Remember can help you.