De fleste mennesker henviser selv til en reservedel sovevrelset eller kkkenet for arbejde, nr de starter deres hjem baseret forretning. De bedste hjem baseret forretningsider at gennemfre for ekstra indtgter kommer fra at vre kreativ, og ofte p grund af manglende ressourcer. Den hje pris kontormbler er normalt ikke overkommelige og mest arbejde inden for meget enklere midler.

22 points submitted 1 day agoCan blame people are going to be understandably emotional and reactive right now. I like to consider myself as relatively level headed. My take away is that the team didn think the long term cascading cost of a Mack deal was worth it.

The most obvious reason for this is that people love the thrill which speed provides. That is why many ultra wealthy men lust for incredibly fast cars such as Bugatti, Ferrari and Porsche, which reach marvellous top speeds of over 400 kmph. That is why so many other brands of cars, which are somewhat less expensive, also talk about the speeds at which they can accelerate or cruise.

Options under the Amended Trademark Law of the PRCThe Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China, Article 8, provides a definition of what signs may constitute a mark, whether a trade, service, collective or certification mark:”Any visible sign capable of distinguishing the goods of a natural person, legal person, or other organization from those of others, including words, graphs, letters, numerals, three dimensional signs and combinations of colours as well as combinations of foregoing elements”.The Country’s Trademark Law has no provisions forbidding the adoption of famous names as trademarks. Practice indicates, however, that the personal name which is to be applied for trademark registration must have a clear connection with the name and with what it represents. In this respect, for instance, any athlete known to the people may register his name as a sportswear brand.Although not explicitly included in China’s Trademark law when defining what may constitute a trademark, portraits of individuals are also registered as trademarks with the consent of the given person.What rights then, if any, exist under the trademark law in terms of protection of personal names?When defining what a trademark is, most legal texts will apply to “any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination used or intended to be used, in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from goods manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods”.As discussed, in foreign countries, it is common for big celebrities to commercialize their portraits or names, or for companies to use famous names to brand products, such as Napoleon wine and the Churchill cigar, but this is not a common practice in China, especially when it comes to the names of politicians these names cannot be registered as trademarks.A harmful effect for social morality?Article 10.8 establishes that ‘any sign which infringes upon the socialist morality or practice or of other harmful effects may not be used nor registered as a trademark’.Making a connection between Lu Xun and alcohol can definitively be claimed as a negative social influence.