In a more real way, it was the result of traders investing heavily in oil on the bet the price would go up because of the hurricane season, the Iraq war and other factors that could decrease the supply. And because they bought so much oil, the price did go up. That’s how the futures market, and the overall stock market, works: When people are buying big on the bet they’re going to be able to sell even bigger, prices go up.

Using open records requests, Al Jazeera America obtained the previously confidential Crosscheck lists of 2.1 million voters potentially accused of casting ballots in two different states in the same election, a crime punishable by 2 to 10 years in prison. The lists reveal that the supposed double voters were matched simply on first and last name, and middle initials, suffixes and Social Security numbers were ignored. Due to its shoddy methodology, the list captured far more black, Hispanic and Asian American voters than their white counterparts, in large part because of the commonality of minority surnames.Helen Ho, executive director for the legal advocacy group Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta, says, the investigation was a “bombshell.” While Ho’s immediate concern is protecting her community’s voters in today’s tight Senate contest between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue in Georgia, she is leading national groups to take action against the misuse of the Crosscheck lists.

A man and his wife were trying to buy a bottle of wine. The young lady on checkout was presented with the challenge 25 button, panicked, and asked them their ages. They said ‘look at us. What we like best about Albi is the juxtaposition of old and new. The streets buzz with cafs and small, well priced restaurants, and independent shops. In the remains of the 13th century Saint Salvi cloister, where monks once meditated, students chat and chill.

So far the WTO has been taken seriously as a policing system because they were able to resolve over four hundred trade disputes most informally and some formally. The fact that countries are even filing suits is a good sign. The WTO has also been successful in opening markets in sectors of telecommunication technology and financial services.

Monday is dishes day when I load and unload the dishwasher; Tuesday is bathroom day when I give the bowl and floors a swipe and flush; Wednesday is dusting day; Thursday is laundry day; Friday is vacuum day; Saturday is storage day when we box up things to take to storage or just throw them away. With this schedule I am much better able to keep the house under control and don’t have to panic when people come over. I have been chronically deplorable at housework and this schedule helps me, especially when I have reminders pop up in front of me on the computer.