This is the last era of what is considered true vintage Levis. Generally jeans from this era are called redlines IF AND ONLY IF they possess redline selvage inside the leg seam. This can be seen when the cuff is folded up and looks like the photo on the right.

During a gesture, a flexible circuit and conductive ink carry the accelerometer’s electrical impulses to the implant’s microprocessor, located on the back of the ear. This processor, made of a flexible thin film transistor, is a custom fitted piece that lies precisely along the cartilage in the back of the ear. The processor uses a lookup table stored on a nearby ROM chip to match a person’s movements with the cell phone’s commands.

Key application market covered under this study includes gastrointestinal surgeries, urology/gynecology surgeries, ENT surgeries, cardiovascular surgeries, neuro/spinal surgeries, laparoscopy surgeries and arthroscopy surgeries. Germany, France, UK, China, Japan, India and Brazil. This segmentation includes demand for endoscopy based on individual applications in all the regions and countries..

You absolutely do not want to get involved with an online opportunity when it seems as though the website owners are hiding from you. If you cannot get a response form a website owner, chances are good that this program is a fraud.During your research, you will come across people who will be willing to provide you with advice on the various business opportunities you may be interested in trying. You can use this advice to make a determination on whether or not to get involved with a particular program.Another thing to remember is that if someone is offering you an opportunity to make lots of money for little work, chances are this opportunity is a fraudulent one.

Finally today to a sport called wheelchair motocross. It involves a wheelchair, a skate park and heaps of courage and we introduced you to it briefly in the Score a couple of weeks ago. But you wanted to know more about the young guy trying to get it to take off here in Australia.

Whatever LeBron James muttered through his jersey to Lonzo Ball after the Cavaliers beat the Lakers on Thursday, they weren’t letting on to the rest of us. Which, of course, only added to the intrigue. It’s not for everybody. I have only been in Japan for 2 and half years so can compare numbers, but definitely see a lot of runners on almost every run. I haven run races much outside of Japan, but am amazed at the numbers of people that race in Japan and how fast they are. I ran a local 10K a few weeks ago, set a PR for me (49:36) but finished 60 out of about 115..