The NSE Nifty settled at 10,633, down 55 points. Thirty four stocks on the 50 scrip Nifty index finished in the negative zone. Other than ICICI Bank, top laggards on the Nifty 50 included State Bank of India (SBI), Bajaj Finserv, UPL and Yes Bank, settling with losses of between 1.9 per cent and 2.9 per cent.

It would be the last before Election Day, in the nation’s closest, most bitter and most expensive Senate race: the showdown between the incumbent, Kay Hagan, Democrat, and the state legislature’s Republican leader, Speaker Thom Tillis.Before mounting the stage, Barber spoke with Al Jazeera America about the Interstate Crosscheck revelations. “Their computer system has already been proven to have quite a few glitches it’s so bad at this point of the elections to create that kind of hysteria,” he said. “The claim of fraud is fraudulent.

What has all this got to do with shoes? Well, I may not know much about El Salvador, but I do know what type of shoes Salvadoran gang members wear. Don ask me how I know. I read it somewhere. In 1848, then Congressman Abraham Lincoln was inspired by a riverboat that ran aground on a sandbar. In an attempt to get back afloat, the captain ordered his crew to place supplies anything that could float and support weight, like empty cargo containers underneath the ship in an effort to lift it off its shallow spot. Accounts vary as to whether or not Lincoln was actually aboard this boat or merely a witness to the incident, but historians agree that it was a catalyst to Lincoln’s imminent brainstorm.

The net worth of all the Iranians who left Iran since the revolution is greater than the fucking GDP of the entire country. Tell me again how brain drain (human capital flight) isn an issue, please. The CIA and NSA built Silicon Valley, they created it, and all of the first startups there, obviously including and especially the chip makers (like Intel)..

La prima (e ufficiale) versione del dipinto fu presentata nel 1859 all’Esposizione annuale dell’Accademia di Brera con il titolo originale di Il Bacio. Episodio della giovinezza. Costumi del secolo XIV, appena tre mesi dopo l’ingresso a Milano delle truppe sabaude di Vittorio Emanuele II (sovrano del regno di Sardegna e futuro primo re d’Italia) e dell’Imperatore francese Napoleone III, i quali con la vittoria di Solferino (Mantova) del 24 giugno 1859, nel contesto della Seconda Guerra d’Indipendenza, liberarono il Lombardo Veneto dagli Austriaci, aprendo definitivamente le porte all’Unit d’Italia (17 marzo 1861)..