This may be against the natural order of things but, well, I haven’t received the slightest obscene gesture for ages when motoring in France. In truth, I have found driving over here far more agreeable than in Britain and, as you surge across the Channel over coming days and weeks, I’m sure you will, too. All you have to remember is to stick to the right, keep to speed limits and not get pie eyed.

The terms “scented candles” and “soy candles” flowed naturally as I created the copy so my primary goal was to use these phrases in power positions (like the headline and sub heads). I’d also place them as often as I could without making the copy sound stiff or forced.The RewriteI began to pique interest in soy candles (as opposed to traditional wax candles found in stores) by immediately outlining the advantages soy candles offer. From there I played on the fragrance (the most important characteristic according to the National Candle Association)..

Ideas for gardening containers are all around us in the home. With a little imagination you can recycle common and not so common household items and have unique containers. Learn the basics and garden on the cheap!How to Grow and Care For Camellia Bushes in Outdoor Southern Landscapingby Peggy Woods 8 days ago.

And just as Ishmael finds the look out of a whaling ship to be transcendent, contempative, heroic and platonic experience, hopefully students find the learning and all of the vistas of our curriculum in our classroom just as rich and rewarding.Another way to appreciate the name of our classroom is to reread Emily Dickinson poem, I Dwell in Possibility, which she claims is a fairer house than prose. So too do I hope to establish a classroom where students can learning can reach all sorts of possible depths. So, we all work together in a Crowsnest.Crowsnest is also a cool 19th century idea for what I like to do with 21st century technology in an English classroom.

Obama did a pretty good job domestically imo. He also helped strengthen many western ties and alliances. The US economy went to shit after 2008 and was primed or was already in an upsurge near the end of his presidency. I discovered that it’s not only the rule breakers that are not getting paid. If you have connections that are rule breakers and they have liked, shared, or commented on your posts, and they get banned they you lose all those likes, shares, and comments too. A lot of bubblers hit the redeem as soon as they reach $25 and it’s more likely $25.07 or something.