These last few years have been a shit show. Next year may be another shit show and Votto may not be around to see the team win. No one can argue with that. Koskinen, 30, is a giant man who had a giant save percentage in the KHL last year, so much so that the Oilers are paying him a hefty $2.5 million this year. If he can play 20 to 25 games and post a .915 save percentage, he’ll have been worth Chiarelli making that bet. Ryan Strome, Kyle Brodziak, Tobias Rieder, Jujhar Khaira and (possibly) Scottie Upshall have to come through on the PK.

Strauch focuses on what middle aged brains can do better than younger brains most important, synthesize and use information, and see things more broadly. She tells her story in a very accessible way, through anecdotes of discovery and profiles of brain scientists. At the end of the book, there’s advice but no guarantees on how to keep your brain in good shape.

In the stark, black and white ad, a solemn Woods looks directly into the camera without speaking while a recording of his late father is heard, speaking about taking responsibility.Woods is returning to golf after a leave that followed revelations of infidelities and a stint in rehab. The ad marks the first TV ad for Woods, who had been the face of many companies, since his problems surfaced in late November.Photos: Tiger Woods At The MastersTiger Woods: Complete CoverageNike Inc. Is one of the few sponsors to stand by Woods during his troubles.

Those that visit today and, once again, it’s Ryanair that flies there can admire an astounding mixture of medieval, Renaissance and Gothic architecture, including St. Mary’s Church, one of the largest brick churches in Europe, and visit a clutch of engaging maritime and military museums. Unesco listed Malbork Castle, meanwhile, is an easy day trip..

You can see a giant shift in the attention of dads, and their clear involvement in parenting, by noting how their brand preferences shift after fatherhood. According to Y Your Daddy study, Rubbermaid, Lego, Hallmark and Cheerios are among today fathers most desired brands. Unsurprisingly, none of these brands appear on similar lists of men without children.

And so, it got worse, the favors more frequent, and more personal. I grew uncomfortable with the intimate nature of the requests like the time I was sent to his hotel because Letterman needed something special, something quick. I entered his bedroom, and there, near the bed, out in the open, staring me right in the face, was something I hadn’t seen since my Uncle Petru showed me his a rosewood cigar lighter Letterman had forgotten on his nightstand.